Fair-Weather Outerwear: Summer Jacket Styles All Men Should Own

 When the sun finally returns and erases those long nights and dark days, the last thing you think about may be warm clothing.

The “summer jacket” may seem like an oxymoron, but remember them: jackets are just as important during the warmer months as they are during the coldest part of the year. They fight against abnormal summer rains; provide another sartorial building block for your seasonal wardrobe; And perhaps most important of all, they keep the cold at bay on those misty afternoons outside (remember that?).fashionbeautypalace

The trick to making this work is to choose styles and fabrics that suit the season. And we've put together a how-to guide that gives you the knowledge you need to do just that.techgeeksblogger

From lightweight layers to waterproof wonders, these are the best summer jacket styles you should have and why.triotechdigital

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Texan jacket

Taylor point

The denim jacket is one of the most durable garments in men's fashion. For generations, it has been an essential outerwear that has never fallen out of favor. Plus, it's more than a lightweight outer layer on cool summer nights. During the colder months, its low-profile fit allows it to tuck under a thicker winter coat, making it a great layering piece.

We could talk all day about the merits of a good jean jacket, but the highlights are: it's classic, it's versatile, and it's so much more than just a seasonal garment.

This versatility makes the denim jacket a dream to wear. As long as you avoid combination jeans that have been washed like the plague, it is actually very difficult to spoil it. Lighter shades work best in summer, darker shades work best in winter, so if you're looking for a versatile product, a mid-wash variation will be your best option.computertechreviews

Key Styles

Recommended brands are A.P.C., ASKET, and Uniqlo, as well as denim specialists like Levi's, Nudie, and Edwin.gethealthandbeauty

Edwin zip jacket

Todd Snyder Indigo Rinse Stretch Denim Jacke

A.P.C. Texan jacket

Coach jacket


The masculine style has long been inspired by sportswear, and in recent years this upward curve has only become more pronounced. As a result, athletic heroes like the coach jacket have become key garments in their own right.

This tracksuit silhouette may have been designed with playground life in mind, but its lightweight construction and cool fit make it a great candidate for your next summer jacket.

For style, keep things sporty. This is not the type of outerwear to pair with dress pants and waxed oxfords. Instead, focus on casual weekend wear such as tailored sweatpants, chinos, and shorts. When it comes to shoes, stick with clean and simple sneakers if you think they're minimalist or a colorful suede runner for something a little more on-trend.

Key Styles

Recommended brands include streetwear stalwarts like Carhartt, Champion, and Stussy, as well as athleisure specialists like Reigning Champ, Nike, and Y-3.

Champion Script Logo Reverse Weave Coaches Jacket

Stussy Classic Coach Jacket

A Day's March Linen Coach Jacket

Dickies Oakport Coach Jacket


A day of walking

Those clothes that work well in your wardrobe are valuable things. The kinds of clothes you can wear with anything without even having to think about what they look like. A quality overshirt is exactly that.

A perfect garment to pair in cold weather and a lightweight performance jacket in hot weather, the overshirt holds up well year-round. Choose one in a lightweight yet durable fabric like cotton twill and you will likely wear it for many years.

For maximum versatility, stick with neutral and earthy colors. Or, for full summer stitches, choose one in a pastel shade. When it comes to style, there are no hard and fast rules. That's the beauty of this particular outerwear - just put it on and go.

Key Styles

Recommended brands include affordable retailers like A Day's March, Reiss, and Everlane, as well as traditional workwear brands like Universal Works, Filson, and Engineered Garments.

L'Estrange The 24 overshirt

ASK The Overshirt

Everlane The Heavyweight Overshirt


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