Hot Under The Collar: The Summer Shirts All Men Should Own

 The sun shines and the mercury shoots up. Winter is just a distant memory and the concept of layers of clothing is on hold until the leaves begin to fall.

In such conditions, it can be tempting to ban anything with a collar at the back of the closet in favor of a T-shirt. In reality, however, having a basic selection of summer shirts on hand is Rule 101 in hot climates.   techqueer

Wearing a shirt in the sun does not necessarily mean having warmth under the neck. Opt for seasonal styles in lightweight fabrics and vibrant prints to tackle everything from heat waves to vacations like a pro.  digitalknowledgetoday

Here are the summer shirt styles you need to know about and why they deserve a spot in your rotation.

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Smooth Cuban necklace

Many mistook the resurgence of the Cuban necklace for a fleeting fad when it first returned to the public consciousness a few years ago. Nonetheless, this laid-back shirt cemented its reputation as a summer staple with its laid-back look and casual versatility.   healthnutritionhints

The perfect choice for vacations, afternoons at the park, or evenings at the beer garden, this retro-toned short-sleeved wonder has all the bases covered. Wear yours with straight pants and minimalist sneakers, or chinos and sandals when the weather calls for it.        smartdiethealth


Menswear's appetite for texture can be difficult to satisfy during the warmer half of the year, but not if he prefers linen. This misunderstood material often gets a bad rap for wrinkling and its unfortunate, aged hippie undertones. However, adjust it correctly and it will become a valuable ally during the summer months and beyond. healthfitnesschampion

For the most part, linen shirts work best when worn casually. Try wearing one with chino shorts and loafers, with baggy sleeves with cuffs. That is not to say that they cannot be worn with a tailor. Pair it with suit jumpsuits, tortoiseshell hues, and desert ankle boots for a casual summer wedding outfit.

Pastel polo shirt

Sometimes a simple shirt is not enough, but a shirt is too much. For these occasions, a polo shirt that fits you should be your first port of call. Of course, there are plenty of colors to choose from, and while neutrals are always a safe bet, if you really want to enhance your summery style credentials, pastels are the only way to go.

Icy tones embody the Riviera dressing room and the polo shirt is the perfect container to add a touch of Mediterranean sophistication to your wardrobe. For best results, use it as a centerpiece, against a backdrop of subtle earthy colors - a lemon-colored polo shirt with dark green shorts, for example, or a dusty pink design with navy blue shorts. Tie it up with white canvas sneakers and you're done.

Cuban collar print

Solid Cuban collar shirts are great and versatile additions to any selection of summer shirts. However, if you want to make a statement while channeling your Magnum P.I. For interiors, an eye-catching printed version is the only way to go.

A vibrant shirt offers a great way to spice up even the most pedestrian-friendly summer outfits. Just make sure everything else is streamlined so you don't compete for attention. Beach prints, plants, and vertical stripes are especially prominent this season - try one with navy cuffed chinos and suede espadrilles for vacation nights at beach bars.


Denim is thick, heavy, and generally not the most practical fabric for summer shirts. Chambray, on the other hand, is lightweight, comfortable, and still retains the beauty and versatility of its heavier counterpart.

One thing that deters many men from experimenting with chambray is that it can be difficult to style, especially with jeans, but it can be done. When wearing denim underneath, make sure the washes (that is, the hues) are different enough to contrast, because anything too similar will look shocking. For a foolproof approach, swap your jeans for chinos in a lighter shade like beige, off-white, or stone.


With its bright colors and plaid design, the madras shirt is definitely not for everyone. Named after the lightweight Indian fabric that gives it its signature breathability, this vibrant shirt style can be a tough job to pull off, but it does result in

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