The Spanish Fashion Brands Every Man Should Know


Spain: a land rich in culinary delights, culture, sunny beaches and, perhaps less famous, some of the best menswear brands. Neighboring France and Italy tend to monopolize the fashion show, but Spain should not be overlooked. We all know Zara and its fast fashion empire, but there is much more to this vibrant Mediterranean country than simple runway knockoffs.  techsmartinfo

Dig a little deeper and you will find that Spain is home to some of the best luxury brands. Of course, they are not all household names; more like well-kept secrets, known only to menswear experts and fashion connoisseurs.

Curious? You should be. That's why we've put together a selection of our favorite Spanish menswear brands and some great pieces from each.

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Pronounced “lo-weh-vay,” this Spanish fashion titan is the oldest brand in the luxury conglomerate LVMH at 175 years old. It originally specialized in leather goods, such as handbags and purses, and even obtained a royal authorization in 1905.  lifebloombeauty

After launching its first ready-to-wear collection in 1965, Loewe has become a fashion brand in its own right and, thanks to the appointment of renegade British designer Jonathan Anderson as creative director, there is now a shared vision on the shoulders of A -List the celebrities and rap royalty.



Brands love to talk about "sustainable", but they do scratch a bit below the surface and, at best, most do the bare minimum. Not Comovita. As far as we know, this Spanish brand practices what it preaches.

The secret is in the Comovita business model. Rather than producing clothing in bulk, many of which go to the landfill when not sold, the brand makes clothing to order, which means zero waste. The quality is high too, so these are pieces that will stand the test of time, and the designs cover all wardrobe essentials, from T-shirts to jeans to sneakers.  futuretechexpert

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Norman Vilalta

When you think of Spain, you probably think of good food before fancy shoes. But Norman Vilalta's premium Goodyear stitched shoes can make you stop. Vilalta's footwear career began in Italy in 2004, where he learned the trade of making custom shoes before setting up his own workshop in Barcelona and making custom shoes for his clients.

His tailor-made work for him was so successful that in 2014 he decided to open his shoes to a wider audience by designing a range of ready-to-wear shoes, but with the quality and attention to detail that you normally only get made to order. measure. measure. Expect to find everything from monk straps to loafers, all handmade in Spain from the best materials available.

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Although now based in Paris, Balenciaga is a Spanish brand with Spanish roots. The label is the only real participation of Spain in the world of haute couture, but it is good to have it. After all, Balenciaga is known for being a trailblazer. Its forward-thinking approach has made it one of the most influential fashion brands, and current Creative Director Demna Gvsalia is hailed as a creative visionary.

Today, Balenciaga's production is heavily influenced by sportswear, reusing everyday objects and deconstructing one thing into another. Oh, and some incredibly thick sneakers, they are also very present.   techbizcenter

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Paco Rabanne

After fleeing Spain during the Civil War, Paco Rabanne (or Francisco Rabaneda Cuervo, as he was called then) and his family settled in Paris where his interest in design was born. After training as an architect, he turned to fashion and jewelry and launched his eponymous brand in 1966.

Paco Rabanne has become known for going against the grain with his radical designs, but for us it is the perfumes that make him a well-known label. With iconic fragrances like Paco Rabanne Pour Homme, Invictus and the bestseller 1 Million, this is a Spanish brand that every discerning man should have in his bathroom.

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Massimo Dutti

He probably already met Massimo Dutti and assumed it was the work of an Italian designer of the same name. But you would be wrong. In fact, Massimo Dutti is simply the brand used by this Spanish clothing brand, which makes simple garments.  technologywebdesign

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